Since my Xbox is on the fritz and being repaired for the second time I do more reading about video games then playing.  This is a pretty good blog on the state of the video game industry.  If you search in his archives there is a particularly interesting series of posts regarding a game called Bioshock which is quite extraordinary.  What makes the game different is that you actually get to make moral choices during the game that impact what occurs.  The game is set in a underwater 1920’s era ‘utopia.’  Apparently it is a combination of literary themes from the works of Ayn Rand and Dostoyevsky.  I’m currently reading “Atlas Shrugged” partly in an effort to more fully appreciate aspects of the game.  The moral choice shows up after you defeat one of these lumbering giant guys dressed in a diver suit called a ‘big-daddy.’  Big daddies always travel with ‘little sisters’ who are these really creepy looking little girls with giant syringes.  After killing the big daddy you can grab the little girl and use her to gain more credits to tweak your powers or you can free her and turn her back into a real girl (but you get less credits this way).  It’s pretty unique in that you have to realize the game is going to reward you or punish you in some way otherwise the choice wouldn’t be there.  Just imagine having to think about the moral application of making mario jump on that turtle…you mass murderer.