So my brother turned me onto which is a blog that offers links to a lot of utilities that supposedly can streamline your daily routine.  I’ve had a lot of down time recently and have read through them and there are definitely diamonds in the rough, but there’s a lot of rough.  Take for example this genius idea: a website that allows you to keep track of food expiration dates.   You would have to be beyond obsessive compulsive to use this site.  Can you imagine someone going to the grocery store and them coming home and typing each product into this website to make sure that their canned peaches hadn’t expired?  What’s wrong with opening the carton of milk, smelling it and either tossing it or using it?  The amount of time and effort it would take to catalogue your food and then track it and remember to check this website each time you were about to cook would completely nullify any potential benefits the utility could offer.  This is dumb.