MacawAngry Monkeys. Click image to expand.So I’m taking some inspiration from Ricky Gervais’ award winning podcast and putting up some interesting monkey news this week (As an aside, if you have never heard his podcast go download it immediately, it is hilarious).  Apparently in India roving bands of monkeys are ravaging the city.  The link will tell you how to fight off monkeys or at least not get bit if you are so inclined.  Apparently one method the city officials are using is chaining larger monkeys in front of buildings to scare off the smaller monkeys.  This technique reminds me of an older Simpsons episode where Bart finds some eggs and takes care of them only to realize they are an invasive species of lizard when they hatch.  The lizards multiply rapidly and destroy the town until the city council suggests bringing in some type of bird to eat the lizard, which itself would necessitate bringing in some sort of ape to eat the bird and so on and so forth.  Long story short, I wish I had a monkey used as a watchdog in front of my building.  I would talk to him at lunch.