Basically that title says it all. I moved a few days ago from Cambridge to Brookline with a detour to South Boston to get a truck and then another to Back Bay to get my girlfriend and all of her stuff. If anyone is contemplating moving in the near future do not rent from U-haul or Budget. U-haul sucks based on prior experience and they have awful trucks. Budget on Saturday, the 31st of March, a moving day for a slew of people, had one person working. I arrived at the rental place at 9:05 and there were 4 people already waiting in line for trucks. There was no one behind the desk. The one semi-obese guy who was working was in charge of having people fill out all the paperwork, run it through a DOS based computer that had a dial up modem for credit card checks and then he had to go out and explain operation of the truck. I felt bad for him. So roughly an hour later I get up to the front of the window and request my 16′ truck only to be told all they have is a 10′ truck despite my explicit request and confirmation on the 16 footer the day prior. With no other alternative I take the smaller truck. Awesome. The goal of they day was originally to have done both apartments in one trip to Brookline. That did not happen.