I have a friend who is a huge DeNiro fan. Back when I ran cross country in high school he used to spout out Raging Bullrandom lines of Deniro dialogue, at odd times and I still remember him repeating this phrase multiple times, while I sat there just thinking he was a nutjob. Turns out this is actually from the movie “Raging Bull.”

Fun Fact: Deniro gained over 60lbs to play the corpulent older version of boxer Jake LaMotta. It is truly disgusting to see his giant sweaty belly later in the movie. Renee Zewellegger in “Bridget Jones,” this is not.

Anyways, the movie was entertaining if a bit long. Apparently at the end of his career, the Raging Bull became a sort of stand-up comic / lounge act who had basically alienated everyone in his life.

I wasn’t blown away by the film but it was certainly better than the day’s earlier viewing of the cinematic masterpiece “Crank,” which featured a hit man poisoned with a synthetic chinese cocktail that forces him to continually engage in activities that produce adrenaline or he will die.  These activities include: reckless driving, taking drugs (coke, epinephrine, caffeine, “haitian shit”), getting in fights (many), public sex, loud music, and riding helicopters.  The supporting cast included a gay, cross dressing informant who is brutally murdered (spoiler…oops for those of you planning on seeing this) and a girlfriend completely oblivious to her boyfriend’s darker side.  Run, don’t walk, to see this movie.